News Velpenaar fired after stealing three-cent bag

Velpenaar fired after stealing three-cent bag


‘On February 20 I bought 20 ponchos for the carnival at the Action in Velp. I just forgot to buy a carrier bag. When I brought this I said: I will pay this tomorrow. The next day I did not think about this anymore and then went on a carnival holiday. When I came back a week later, two senior gentlemen came in and asked if I would like to have a conversation. “

Then Kossink thought that there was not much going on yet. “I thought it would be about my promotion as a team leader, because I had been brought forward.” But that turned out not to be the case. “They brought up the bag I hadn’t paid for. I offered to pay for the bag three more times, but they thought it was too late. “

And so Kossink was fired for a three cent bag. “It’s about three cents. I’m not going to steal that, am I? ” The indignant Velpenaar takes steps to return to the Action. “I would really like to return, so I brought in a lawyer. It may not happen, but I prefer to return. “

View the letter of resignation from Dennis Kossink here:

“3 cents or 300 euros, we don’t care”

But there are two sides to every story, even now. The Action informs via a spokesperson that Kossink’s story is not entirely correct.

“He did some shopping at the Action in the morning and went home. Then he took a bag. The filling team leader of the day asked if he had paid it. Mr. Kossink indicated that he had done that. Then we checked that on the receipt in the system and that turned out not to be the case. Then we started talking to him. “

And in that conversation Kossink would have said twice again that he would have paid. “Then we asked him if he could prove that, it was not. Then he admitted that he did not pay. And then we are concerned with the principle. This concerns three cents, thirty cents or 300 euros. You just have to pay for what you get and when you say three times that you paid, the rack is out. If he had said immediately, “Sorry, I haven’t paid yet,” there wouldn’t have been a problem. We wonder why you lie about that. For us it is about the honesty of our employees, ‘says Moll.

“We’ll see if there will be a lawsuit”

That Kossink has now hired a lawyer has also come to the Action. “That’s his right. Fortunately, everyone is allowed to do that. We’ll see if there will be a lawsuit, but we can’t deal with lies. We are very sorry. “



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