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Valorant: All information about Patch 1.02


Ranked System, early Surrender, change in user interface and agent-customizations: Patch 1.02 carries with it numerous innovations for Valorant.

After the Ranked Playlist the Release of Valorant has been disabled, it returns on Wednesday (24.06.) after a scheduled Downtime of four hours against 21 PM with Patch 1.02 back. In the course of this Riot has the rank icons adjusted, the highest rank in “Radiant” and renamed the allowed rank-difference in common games with friends increases – a Solo/Duo Playlist it will not give.

Giving up is an Option

Should not lost a game according to Plan, Teams can give up in the future at an early stage. This feature is desired since a Long time by the Community. Accordingly, Teams can vote now, after the eighth round once per half term on a task – this applies to all the official Matches. All players present must agree. In order for team to be helped, they need to play in a number of or mercilessly are.

Photo: Riot Games

Maps learn adjustments

In addition to bug fixes and performance updates was the “Label” – so the effect of slowing down after hits – adapted. Slowing down the movement speed of the measures taken, the players will from 80 to 70 per cent reduced. Thus, it should be players facilitated in the vicinity of a cover, to seek shelter. In addition, were made on all of the Maps (Ascent, Bind, Split, and Haven) minor Changes to ensure that certain Spots, not for skills“Exploits” can be used.

User interface and HUD

The user interface of the main menu experience, with the Patch 1.02, a number of adaptations. The section for the receive, among other things, Fight pass and the order, as well as agents,-the sections in the Navigation. In addition, all views will be supplemented with a “Back”button in the upper-left corner. In the game itself it will be the followers in the future is possible to permanently display your inventory.

Photo: Riot Games

Overview of the agent-Updates

  • Viper: “Toxin screen” through burns henceforth through walls and placed valves on all allowable surfaces. The damage suffered by “contamination” of power players now temporarily “vulnerable”.
  • Jett: “Blade storm” is now reset when Phoenix is killed during his “rematch” with it.
  • Reyna: “Soul orbs” appear now, when Reyna Phoenix kills during his “revenge”.
  • Cypher: It is now prevents the “spy camera” by Teleporter transmitted to the doors through information, if it was installed on the frame. In addition, the limitation of the vision and the blind vignetting has been reduced to a value of “noise-fine tuning”.



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