Validity and Red Sift will share data to fight ‘phishing’

Together they will facilitate compliance with the DMARC authentication protocol and prevent domain spoofing to reinforce the reliability of email marketing campaigns.

Validity and Red Sift join forces to facilitate compliance with the DMARC protocol for message authentication and fight against the attacks of phishing that spoof domains. The objective is that the clients of both companies carry out campaigns of email marketing ethically and safelyreinforcing its reliability.

share data with Red Sift will allow each partner do what you do best. Red Sift customers will have more certainty that their emails are secure and sender reputation is intact, while Validity customers will have greater confidence in DMARC compliance and access to new insights in their email campaigns,” said Tom Bartel, Senior Vice President of Data Services at Validity.

“This large-scale data collaboration allows us to continue to fulfill our greatest mission: to provide our customers with the trusted data they need to implement best practices. marketing ethics,” says the manager.

Red Sift’s senior vice president of strategy, Chuck Swenberg, comments that the partnership will serve to “offer greater protection to our customers from cyber attackers. Validity’s reputation data will provide our clients with a more complete picture of the performance of their email campaigns and prevent brand spoofing and phishing“.

“This association”, he insists, “will allow both Validity and Red Sift clients to rest easy knowing that they have more control than ever over the reputation of their domains”.

To make all of this possible, Validity will provide data feeds with which to improve the supervision of counterfeiting of brands and phishing of domains. Meanwhile, Red Sift will offer reputation indicators based on trusted domains and an anonymous list of domains.

Indicators of IP reputation will also come into play, including rejected addresses, and email authentication monitoring by IT professionals. marketing for legitimate messages.

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