Sport Valerian asked Ishmael: "We have found the key"

Valerian asked Ishmael: “We have found the key”


  • Nikon El Maestro: “If you concede three standard goals against the LASK, then you can forget it”
  • Andreas Schicker to the proceedings against El Maestro: “I’m a pretty relaxed and convinced that nothing will come out”
  • Luke hunter: “We just weren’t snappy enough”
  • Peter Michorl: “You have seen for each player, we want the force today”
  • Hans Krankl: “The LASK was very convincing, very game and very powerful”

LASK wins against SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz with 4:0. All the voices for the game on Sky and Sky X.

LASK – SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz 4:0 (3:0)

Referee: Andreas Heiss

Valerian asked Ishmael (Trainer LASK):
…about the game: “This is the correct answer, which I expected. Today we were from the first Minute to present, and you felt that the team would like to get the curve and the Turnaround of the company wanted to create. We have deserved to win. We say that we have now arrived in the master group. (…) Big compliment to the team. A complete performance over 90 minutes.“

…about the fact that you’ve finally played it again to Zero: “We have to get nine goals against in four Games, that was too much. And also the way in goals we have conceded, was much too cheap. We were not satisfied in many situations, but the team has shown character and implemented everything what we have made. This now gives us a good feeling. We can do it, we have found the key. And now, we must not let up.“

…about a possible comeback in the table: “It is important that we think about the next game. We do not need far to look forward for the moment. Step by step we come back.“

Peter Michorl (LASK):
…about the game and whether or not the was over with the Karma now: “I don’t believe in Karma. We have shown in recent Games just this last Belief, we have shown today. Today we have a super performance in the first half, hung. We have also made changes to our goals, and our chances of made. Then you go with 3:0 in half time and then you have a super feeling. (…) I think you have seen every player, we want the force today, that we want to create the Turnaround. We have however, in each of the two fight, and everyone was there. And then we played fortunately, and again to Zero.“

Dominik Frieser (LASK):
…about the game: “After the three Victories that was very important. We knew that we have made in the last few Games, no bad games. Today it was just important that we get three points – no matter how.“

…about the performance: “We have got back from the first Minute of our game on the court, have extremely pressed well and the storm didn’t come into play. (…) It was important that we got the goal at the beginning.“

Nikon El Maestro (assistant coach SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz):
…about the game: “Quite honestly, apart from the Standards, it was balanced by the opportunities. But if you concede three standard goals against the LASK, then you can forget it. Then you have no Chance. Each fended off the Ball, according to the Standards you wanted more and you got a treat, too.“

…to the question, in what Situation of being in the Moment: “In a very difficult. We must prepare, we play again in three days against the same team.“

…on the question of whether he was disappointed by some of the players: “no. Generally speaking, all of us.“

Luke hunter (SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz):
…about the game: “I think we have it made in the first half, quite bad. We have twice the Standards of sleep and get a goal from a Standard and one from a throw-in. Today, it was too little. It is difficult to find an explanation. We were just not snappy enough. The LASK was a bit more aggressive than we are. (…) We have not found the right resources and, unfortunately, the first half completely asleep.“

…about the current Situation in a storm: “It is a difficult Situation. We won luckily against Hartberg, today want to add, we were not able to but unfortunately.“

Andreas Schicker (sport managing Director SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz):
…about his alleged contact with Nestor El Maestro at the HART mountain game: “There has been no contact in the mid-term to head coach Nestor El Maestro. It is now a running process that will handle the Senate and then we will see what comes out. (…) I’m pretty relaxed and convinced that nothing will come out.“

…that El Maestro always what was going on: “Nevertheless, he is a very, very good coach. But of course, you could make it easier.“

…about today’s game: “I think that today is the last Belief has been lacking, we have had in Hartberg definitely. (…) If you’re in Linz three standard goals, then you can’t win. Especially in the first half, it was just a little bit today.“

…about the current season: “fifth place is within reach and that will be absolutely our goal. (…) The whole season draws, we never got in a run. Nestor El Maestro, a coach who works very much with Conviction, and if you haven’t, then it is sometime difficult for sure.“

…about the Non-consideration of Lukas Spendlhofer: “That was now sporting, tactical reasons, that we have left him, this Time at home. It is from the coach to a decision. We will sit together again and look at what is the best squad.“

…about the accusation that you don’t know what storm am: “at the moment, it looks like this. I can understand the viewers at home that he says: what we stand For. At the beginning of the season, the short as. We are all quite aware of what we need to change in the new season.“

Claus Hollmann (sport psychologist) in a video post before the game:
…about the psychological aspect, that it was taken at LASK with the points deduction to the fruits: “The result is that one gets easily in a victim role. The victim is not a good role on a permanent basis, because it is their own inability to act in connection. Victims are less capable of Action, are weak, are passive.“

…on the future Situation in LASK: “A major factor would also be Accepting the new Situation: So I can’t change it now, but I can make something future-oriented for the last six games, and get the most out of what is inside me.”

…about the sport psychological effects of the uncertainty in the case of the LASK continued: “I am convinced that the players were faced with a lot of positive Feedback, with very much esteem, and with very much appreciation. It was a very positive Drive. And once that’s gone. This creates Irritation, which creates uncertainty, and we know in psychology that nothing is more unpleasant than uncertainty. Even a proven negative result is easier to process than uncertainty.“

Hans Krankl (Sky Expert):
…about the game: “storm, the first half was very, very bad. The LASK was very convincing, very decisive, very powerful, and storm has actually even opposed to nothing.“

Alfred Tatar (Sky Expert):
…about the storm and the threats in front of the HART mountain game: “For me, there is no longer the map, drawn by Andi Chic in front of the HART mountain game. You this same heart-ACE can’t throw. You need something Jolly, but there isn’t in this storm-deck of cards.“


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