Valentina Vignali, in the bathtub as mom did it: “So you cause a heart attack”

Valentina Vignali is one of the athletes who most of all was able to bring her charm to Instagram with truly fabulous shots.

Very often the world of the web has been able to give a series of truly enchanting girls who have had the great opportunity to show off thanks to shots that have been nothing short of sensational, with Valentina Vignali which is one of those who most of all has had the opportunity to show off with such moves and beauty that has allowed her followers to be truly amazed.

Valentina Vignali photo (Ansa Photo)

The limelight has always been a great goal for most girls who have the great dream of being able to become part of the show, a world that has always been nothing short of fascinating and full of pitfalls, since it is not at all easy to enter.

There are really many ways today, however, to become famous, much more than in the past, considering the fact of how once it was only television and radio the determining factor to be able to have a certain notoriety, while today these forms are only outline.

The real strength is undoubtedly dictated by social networks, means that have an incredible and sensational power, because thanks to them it was really possible to be able to give the possibility to thousands of girls around Italy to be able to become celebrities. , some on a larger scale and some on a smaller scale.

No doubt Valentina Vignali she is one of those that has obtained the greatest number of consents and appreciations thanks to a series of shots that have allowed her to show off to such an extent that she can be considered a leading influencer, so much so that her profile is one of the most followed.

It is not absolutely difficult to understand why, especially if we think about the fact that the basketball player is able to combine physical beauty as a model with a sports one, being in all respects one of the most loved and appreciated athletes around the world. Italy that loves her more and more.

So it is clear to everyone as whenever the beautiful Valentina decides to show off her sensual and divine bodyeveryone can’t wait to watch the shot so that they can find a moment of absolute joy and serenity, with Vignali who, however, has really exaggerated this time.

With her, his profile is always ready to be updated and so recently he decided to take a warm and relaxing bath inside the bathtub with a foam that was the only thing that could cover her curves. to say the least divine and fabulous, thus giving a moment of pure ecstasy.

At that point no one really understood anything of what was happening and in fact everyone poured in to click a series of likes and leaving comments to say the least enthusiastic, thus thanking the beautiful girl for making such a wonderful shot. , how unexpected.

Valentina Vignali, the angel of basketball in Padua

Valentina Vignali he understood immediately that his great passion for the game of basketball could never earn a living, so much so that this sport is also only at an amateur level, with the beautiful girl who had to reinvent herself as an influencer.

Surely it is a great pity that the pink disciplines are so little considered from the point of view of television rights and ticket sales in stadiums, or in this case in sports halls, and it is for this reason that leading figures such as football become absolutely essential. Vignali.

In fact, being able to create a series of shots of his type has allowed his followers to also be able to know many deeds and many results of the girls of Angels Padova, a team for which he certainly does not play in the major leagues but which in any case has ensured that the its reality could be known.

The results have often struggled to arrive, but the beauty of women’s sport is that there is great tranquility and the pressure is far from being present, with the city of Padua that has fully adopted these girls with a great passion. and with a big heart for one of the most loved sport in Italy.

The beautiful Vignali is one of those that most of all has been fundamental for the growth of the movement, so much so that since you decided to bring basketball to social networks, everything has changed, becoming more and more loved and appreciated .

In the meantime, giant steps towards the future are being made, with football having already become a professional level and it would be really very nice if basketball could become too.

Valentina Vignali photo (Instagram)
Valentina Vignali photo (Instagram)

The company is certainly one of the titanic ones, also because there are few televisions and sponsors who would like to lend a hand and bet on this discipline, but with a Valentina Vignali as the maximum testimonial then everything can become truly possible and the hope that everything can improve and grow is absolutely possible.

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