Val d’Oust: Florence Prunet takes stock of 2022

Florence Prunet is the mayor of Val d’Oust ©Le Ploërmelais

What is the highlight of this year 2021, in your municipality?

The most unusual and magical event was Dorian Foulon’s victory at the Paralympic Games in Beijing. We followed his victory live with his family at the town hall on a big screen and it was an incredible moment! The ceremony we organized on his return to La Chapelle Caro showed how much sporting achievements unite and bring people together. It is a real pride for the municipality to have a gold medal at the Olympics.

What are the strong projects that you want to carry out or implement in 2022?

Undoubtedly, the construction of an airy center. The summer camp (ALSH) has existed in the town for a long time and is managed by the association Familles Rurales. Welcomed in the premises of the Val Chevrier multipurpose room for almost two years, it is necessary to offer a lasting solution for the reception of children on Wednesdays and school holidays. The plot that will host this new construction in the village of Roc-Saint-André was approved during the municipal council meeting in December. The work of reflection, pre-project, search for subsidies can therefore begin.

What is the flagship project that you want to achieve by the end of your mandate?

It will be that of the cultural center that we want to build in part of the old buildings of the Pablo Picasso public school in La Chapelle-Caro. On the site, we have been working on preliminary drafts and different scenarios since July and we hope to be able to present this project soon. It will not just be a library/media library, but a much larger and open project.

Have you been contacted to sponsor a presidential candidate? If so, have you given your signature?

I have been contacted several times over the past few months, sometimes insistently. I had sponsored a candidate in 2017, but as a departmental councilor therefore in my name. When a municipal team presents itself without a label, it seems to me more difficult to sponsor a candidate. This would mean finding a candidate who achieves consensus, I do not think that is the case within the municipal council.

If you had a question for the future President of the Republic, what would it be?

How do you intend to enable better land use planning and reduce the social divide?

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