News Val-d'oise : the events anticipated by the bac will...

Val-d’oise : the events anticipated by the bac will continue after the holidays


The new tests anticipated (E3C) of the tray have not been quite a long quiet river in the Val-d’oise. This Friday, the last day before the school holidays, would normally mark the last day of the tests of continuous control (E3C). This will not be the case. Indeed, in some institutions, these examinations are finally over. This is particularly the case at the lycée Jean-Jacques Rousseau Sarcelles, to Garges-lès-Gonesse or still in high school Ronceray in Bezons which could close the market on 23 and 24 February next.

Mobilizations in fifteen institutions

A change in schedule due to the mobilization against the reform. It started at the beginning of the tests, the 20 of January and is spread over the dates of exams in several institutions of the four corners of the department.

Objective : the cancellation of this session and its transformation in a testing terminal national. A movement monitoring. Out of the 35 schools of general and technological department, fifteen has been the subject of a mobilization. To a greater or lesser extent, with more or less success. Last in date, the lycée René-Cassin Gonesse blocked these on Wednesday and Thursday by the students and The Turret in Sarcelles.

No wave in 85 % of schools

On the side of the academy, if it is conceded that ” some events have been postponed “, we are assured, however, that these E3C “run well” in the vast majority of schools “. With an average close to the national, or ” 85 % of high schools where the tests take place normally “.

And to clarify : “the technical platform in place to support school leaders since the beginning of the tests has allowed to raise a hundred questions, all of which have received a response or are in the process of resolution. As soon as a topic has been identified, it has been settled “.

A notice that does not seem to share neither the teachers, nor the representatives of pupils ‘ parents. The union SNES-FSU of Versailles speaks of ” great confusion “. And to condemn ” the methods adopted by the board of education to impose the placing of the events rejected by the staff and the students.”

Same sound of bell on the side of the CIPF, which also regrets the conditions in which were kept certain tests. “The students are right when they talk about injustice because it is far from the objective of the reform. They end up with a lot more pressure, obliging all bachoter, ” says Beatrice Marie, coordinator of the CIPF Ile-de-France. The department must hear the message of these young people ! “.


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