Vaccination in Peru: Which regions have already vaccinated more than 50% of their target population?

The vaccination campaign progresses apace in regions such as Ica, Freedom, Cajamarca, Tacna, Junín, Cusco, Loreto and Arequipa where ya more than 50% of the target population has been vaccinated, according to the National Repository of Health Information (Reunis) of the Minsa.

The region Ica leads the nation in immunization with more than 70.1% of its population over 18 years of age vaccinated with more than two doses.


According to Reunis, the Ica region leads the vaccination campaign at the national level with 70.1% of the immunized population. That is, so far 986,401 vaccines have been applied throughout the region.

In addition, since Monday, people over 21 years of age have been immunized in the basement parking lot of the El Quinde shopping center.


61% of the prioritized population over 18 years of age in the region Ancash already received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

According to Reunis, Áncash has applied 1,211,355 vaccines against the new coronavirus from the Pfizer and Sinopharm laboratories, since February of this year.

Of this amount, 538 thousand 348 citizens have received their second dose and 673 thousand 007 residents have been inoculated with only the first dose in the different vaccination centers in the coastal and highlands of the region.

The regional Health Directorate has planned to immunize 873,671 people over 18 years of age in the department against COVID-19.


Meanwhile, in the region Freedom, the regional governor, Manuel Llempén Coronal, stressed that, thanks to the work of the vaccination teams, his department is close to achieving herd immunity. However, he urged the population not to lower their guard, due to the new variants of covid-19

“We are moving very fast in vaccination. Of more than 2 million inhabitants, in La Libertad we have already applied 1 million 818 thousand doses, and to achieve herd immunity, out of every 100 people we have to immunize 75 and we have already vaccinated 55. We are very close to achieving it ” , said.

In La Libertad, 978,865 first doses and 839,988 second doses have been applied against COVID-19.


More than 573 thousand citizens of the region Junin they already have the two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, this figure corresponds to 50.1% of the population over 18 years of age, according to the portal of the Ministry of Health.

So far, 698,791 citizens have applied the first dose and around 126,000 have not yet received the second.

According to the Minsa, of the nine provinces of the Junín region, Yauli is the one that leads the statistics with 65% of its population vaccinated with both doses. Of the 35 thousand citizens, more than 22 thousand already have the vaccine.

The province of Jauja occupies the second place with 63% of the population with the two doses of the vaccine; Tarma continues in the statistics with 60.9% of advance and Huancayo occupies the fourth place, with 55.6%.


In the region Arequipa 51.1% of the target population has been immunized with the two doses, according to the Health Directorate.

This entire population, which represents about 650 thousand people, has received doses of Pfizer and Sinopharm.

Starting Monday, October 11, through Thursday, October 14, laggards over 18 will be vaccinated. While the highest rate of absenteeism is registered in people between 30 and 50 years old.


In the region Cusco 1’128,177 doses have been applied. Of these, 643,271 correspond to first doses and 484,906 to second doses, according to the COVID-19 Vaccination Situation Room of Cusco.

For this Thursday, the vaccination of people in the age group of 16 to 19 years has been scheduled.


In the region Piura 642,052 people have completed their immunization with the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This represents 39% of the target population amounting to 1 million 647 848 people. Meanwhile, 54.3% of this group have received at least the first dose. This is 894,309 people.

Nine rural districts in the provinces of Ayabaca and Huancabamba do not exceed 30% of the application of the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This more than five months into the process to the population.

In Huancabamba, the most lagging districts are Huarmaca with 20.6% advance, Sondorillo, with 22.9%; and Carmen de La Frontera with 28.6%.

While Ayabaca, the district of Pacaipampa is the most lagging behind with 21.2%, Sapillica with 23.3% and Lagunas with 28.6%.


In the region Tacna 91% of the population has been vaccinated with first doses and 72% with second doses, according to the regional Health Directorate. The target population is 256 thousand people.


Rocío Portal, deputy director of the Directorate of Health (Diresa), indicated that Cajamarca It has immunized 34% of its population with both doses, while 54% with the first. La Diresa is applying strategies such as raking and identifying target groups, as well as meetings with religious groups to expose the benefits of the vaccine in favor of society.


According to the National Single Repository of Health of the Minsa, the Lambayeque region has a coverage of 45.4% with respect to second doses. The latest vaccination days and applied strategies allowed the figure to rise from 37% to 45%.

So far, 700,000 people have been vaccinated with the first dose and 500,000 with the second dose.

The regional manager of Health, Alipio Rivas, stated that during the last day of immunization over the weekend, 107 thousand doses of vaccines against the COVID-19, of which 93 thousand correspond to the second doses.


On Loreto the other side of the coin is given. The regional director of Health, Carlos Calampa, stated that there is still a gap of 552 thousand people who have not yet been vaccinated and the largest population to be immunized is over 12 years old, which represents an average of 875 thousand citizens.

The official said that so far 547 thousand doses have been applied, of which 323 thousand correspond to first doses and 224 thousand to second doses, both from Pfizer and sinopharm.

A lots of

On A lots of, the vaccination rate is barely 27%, according to the Health Directorate. So far, 412,548 first doses and 272,420 second doses have been applied in the Lake region. It is the last region in the advance rankin.

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