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One of the requirements to vaccinate children against COVID is a copy of the birth certificate. From Health they confirmed that the act that is processed in the single portal of the Government can be presented. Obtaining it is fast, simple and free. Parents just need to create an electronic identity and follow certain steps to download the document, which can even be useful for the next start of classes.

This morning it was revealed that between monday and wednesday of next week Vaccination against COVID-19 will be exclusively for children from 5 to 11 years old. Parents or guardians must first register their children in

Then, they must take the minor to the vaccination, with the identity card of the adult and the child, in addition to the birth certificate or the family book that supports the affiliation.

Although the certificate is not the same as the certificate, from Health they confirmed that the proof of the birth certificate that can be generated quickly and free of charge in the single Government portal will also be accepted:

It should be noted that if these last documents are not available, adults can also sign an affidavit to certify the degree of relationship with the child. In those cases, photocopies of the identity card of the adult guardian and the minor must be presented. In case they are legal guardians, they should only bring a copy of the judicial resolution.

Steps to obtain the electronic identity and download the birth certificate

The first thing to do to have the birth certificate is to enter the portal and create the electronic identity of one of the parents.

In the upper right corner, click on ‘Electronic identity’ and then on ‘Create electronic identity’.

Next, the interested person must complete the form with their basic information, such as mail, date of birth and identity card, among several other fields. In the same tab you must attach the front and back photo of the identity card.

The system also asks you to upload a “selfie” of the holder, holding his ID, to finally click on the option “I accept the terms and conditions and the privacy policy” and “Start”.

The next step is the identity validation process, answering questions such as where your father or mother were born, or what their names are, previous or current place of work, among other related points.

Then, the person will receive an email to enter and change the password to enter the site, as is usually done when creating an account on a social network.

Once the password has been created, some more information must be completed and the electronic account will already be created.

When entering the profile, you must go to the “My documents” section and then “Proof of child birth certificate”. In the new tab, it is enough to load the identity card and, automatically, the document is downloaded, which can be printed and presented at the vaccination center.

It should be noted that citizens can generate proof of vaccination against COVID-19 on the same portal, which has been very useful for travelers.

Vaccination at the Mariscal Convention Center

As in various parts of the country, the Mariscal Convention Center, in Villa Morra, Asunción, will be enabled for vaccination in children exclusively on Monday, January 31, Tuesday, February 1 and Wednesday, February 2, with the Coronavac vaccine.

On Thursday, February 3, vaccination will be resumed with all platforms, at all ages, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., in a pedestrian way.

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