Vaccination against COVID-19 in Ukraine. Infectionist Golubovskaya urged to “remain human”

“What moral abyss have we reached if doctors quite seriously on TV raise the issue of not providing medical care to unvaccinated people. What is it? Illiteracy or a desire to please someone?” Golubovskaya wrote.

Which of the doctors is meant, the infectious disease specialist did not specify.

“Have you thought about how to read and listen to those patients who are now seriously ill. From doctors! and the unvaccinated. Only the latter die more often if they are over 50 years old. And, as the number of vaccinated people grows, 98% of vaccinated people will be in intensive care. Like in countries with high vaccination rates, “she said.

Golubovskaya believes that the vaccination campaign in Ukraine was organized incorrectly from the very beginning.

“To intimidate people, not to identify contraindications, not to issue certificates to those who have been ill, not to focus on risk groups, but to re-vaccinate convalescents and young people in the face of a shortage of vaccines – all this is an incomprehensible Brownian movement that has nothing to do with the expected result, namely, a decrease in the incidence in And now, having entered the red zone, start to threaten, scare, drive away, not let them go to work (including those who have just been ill), to transport, create a stir, crowds of people for vaccinations without an anti-epidemic regime (in the red zone!) “All this will lead to an explosive increase in the incidence in the near future. And it will not be possible to stop this snowball,” she explained.

She turned to “patients and doctors.”

“Do not hope for anything and remember that treatment started on time, in the early period of the disease, in some cases, saves lives, prevents severe course and / or alleviates the symptoms of the disease. This is the only thing to remember now. Vaccinate those who did not have time.” – wrote the infectious disease specialist.

She urged the elderly after the COVID-19 vaccination “to limit contact, especially with children, young people, to avoid crowded places,” and at the first symptoms of the disease – immediately consult a doctor.

“Why only the elderly? Because everyone will not succeed, we need to work. Especially the health workers. And yes, let’s remain human. For no one knows what will happen tomorrow with each of us. I am ashamed of those people, especially colleagues, who, striving to be in a trend or for some other reason, they go down to such statements. You can understand or not understand the problem deeply, but calls, in fact, to murder, dividing your compatriots into more correct and less correct is not acceptable in any case “, – believes Golubovskaya.


An outbreak of coronavirus infection began at the end of 2019 in China. March 11, 2020 World Health Organization (WHO) declared the spread of coronavirus a pandemic.

In Ukraine the epidemic situation worsens… In the summer, less than 2 thousand cases were recorded daily, in September and October this figure increased significantly. Due to the spread of the mutation, the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Ukraine started earlier than predicted, said the Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko on October 11.

As of October 30, almost 2.9 million cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in Ukraine, of which more than 26 thousand – in the last day… Died 67.4 thousand patients with COVID-19.

Almost 7.4 million Ukrainians are fully vaccinated against coronavirusThe COVID-19 vaccination campaign began in the country in February.


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