Technology Users report massive disturbance in Germany

Users report massive disturbance in Germany


Whatsapp. (Photo: Shutterstock)

19.06.2020, at 23:28
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Whatsapp is currently fighting with a massive disruption. This is also a lot of users in Germany to report problems Sending and Receiving messages are concerned, apparently.

Since the late Friday afternoon of Whatsapp users in Germany seem to have big problems to send messages through the popular messaging service and to receive. On the corresponding Platforms like all disorders or Down detector have been reported by thousands of users, a disruption of the service. Therefore, especially the Netherlands and large parts of Germany are affected.

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Messages about errors in Whatsapp

Reports of malfunctions in the case of Whatsapp, but there are in the world, such as Spain, Austria, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States, such as on the Live map can be seen. In addition to the Sending and Receiving of messages, the status messages don’t work according to the users ‘ complaints. The user can therefore see when your contacts were last online or if they are online. The display, whether sent arrived message, or read, is not seen in the case of many users currently.

Whatsapp-down disorders Germany

Whatsapp-down – disturbances in Germany. (Error Card: Down Detector)

The messages on the Whatsapp-disorders to be taken against 17 o’clock and went until late in the evening. It is a multi-hour failure of Parts of the functions of the Facebook belonging to the Messaging App. So far, has not expressed an opinion Whatsapp is not yet officially on the subject. It is unclear, therefore, what is the Problem exactly. Also, when the fault will be fixed, it can currently be said with certainty.

Problems with popular Internet services

Interference with popular Internet services such as Whatsapp over are not uncommon and usually after a couple of hours. Last it was in January to a grosser fault of the service come. At the time, neither photos nor images over a period of several hours or voice messages to be sent.

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