Technology Users of VPN, here is what you cache Netflix

Users of VPN, here is what you cache Netflix


To secure your Internet connection, you use a VPN ? Well you should know that if this is the case, you are badly seen by Netflix. In effect, the VPN to bypass the limitations of geographical catalog of the american giant the angry. The proof with the new system put in place by the streaming platform.

Netflix is hunting users of VPN

It was a request made a long time ago by the rightful owners : prohibit the access to the content targeted by a geographic restriction to all users who use a VPN. Netflix has listened to the claims and will now pass to the action.

If previously the user via a VPN wanted to watch a video of geographically restricted, Netflix was only to inform him that it was not possible to watch it. Now, Netflix has changed the method with a tactic more drastic : if you go through a VPN to watch a program in geographic restriction, it will simply not be visible in the catalog.

This policy change has been spotted by the search engine uNoGS that indexes the content available on Netflix across the world and relayed by the website 01Net.

To know whether the content that you want to see the subject of this new strategy, you just need to do their research with your VPN and then disabling it. If with, the program does not appear, but will reappear after disabling it is that Netflix you the cache.


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