Usa, thousands of people in the streets for the right to abortion: in Washington the march ends in front of the Supreme Court – Video

The United States take to the streets for right to abortion. Thousands of people demonstrate across the country from New York a Washington, da Los Angeles a Boston passing through Austin, Democratic bastion of Republican and ultra-conservative Texas. The protests are just a taste of the “summer of anger” that is being feared. In fact, in June the Supreme Court will have to make a decision and the orientation of the essays, which emerged from the recently leaked and published draft, is to overturn the Roe v. Wade, the historic 1973 ruling he has legalized abortion in the United States.

The leak of news from the Supreme Court in early May is the basis of the protest of American women who do not want to be deprived of a right painstakingly won over years and years of battles. An anger that weighs on White House: in the face of the inability of a split Congress to act, the pressure rises Joe Biden, called by many to intervene to defend the attack on women’s rights. For the president, in view of the mid-term elections, abortion is a particularly thorny issue, because it risks further widen the deep divisions already existing in American society and to alienate many voters. Despite this, for Biden and the Democrats it is one crucial battle, in which the protection of privacy is also at stake. “Remember what I tell you now: after the brutality of abortion in the crosshairs, gay weddings will end,” the president said recently, warning that the decision of the Supreme Court with a conservative majority – thanks to the three appointments made by Donald Trump – can have on a social level.

If the sages decide to overturn Roe v. Wade, in fact, abortion would immediately become illegal in dozens of American states. “Our goal here in California is to help our sisters in neighboring Texas,” explains the founder of the Women’s March Foundation Emiliana Guereca, referring to the fact that Texas is one of the US states where abortion would become completely illegal forcing women to seek assistance elsewhere. Anger is palpable among the protesters. “The Supreme Court should defend rights, not erase them“, Is one of the repeated mantras. “There are many misunderstandings around the issue of abortion. Many think only of unwanted children, but this is not the case. There are women who are forced to have an abortion due to complications, others because their life is in danger, ”she says Lauren Frazier, director of communications and marketing at Planned Parenthood Southeast, speaking in Atlanta. After protesting in front of the private homes of conservative constitutional judges, in the capital Washington, the demonstrators they marched to the Supreme Court headquarters with the aim of delivering America’s clear message: “Hands off our bodies. No one can decide what is best for us but ourselves. The body is mine and I decide “.

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