News USA: Confident that insurers to cover vaccines for COVID-19

USA: Confident that insurers to cover vaccines for COVID-19


Federal officials said Tuesday they forecast that medical insurance companies cover the vaccine for COVID-19 without charging co-pays, once they are developed and become available.

During a briefing with the press, a senior official said that the government of president Donald Trump holds discussions with the insurers on offer vaccines at no cost to the patients.

The industry of insurance of medical expenses made a similar commitment earlier to cover the evidence of coronavirus without a co-pay.

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The White House has embarked on an initiative to rapidly fabricate millions of doses of vaccines for COVID, once the Food and Drug Administration of the united States adopt one or more formulas.

The candidate vaccines are in the early stages of testing, and the goal —considered to be ambitious— is to have 300 million doses by the beginning of next year.

During the signing of an executive decree on the police, the president, Donald Trump predicted that the goal could be achieved before the end of the year.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, of the National Institutes of Health, has said that it is conceivable a vaccine for the end of the year only if all goes well in the definitive proof this summer.

As with other vaccines, insurers will have a strong financial interest in covering a for COVID-19. Vaccines are considered an absolute benefit because it helps the insured to stay healthy without sick, which in turn would save money for insurers.

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