US will not send troops to Ukraine – Psaki

Biden does not intend to send US troops to Ukraine

The states see the training of the Russian military, but “no one can get into the mind of President Putin,” Jen Psaki said.

Washington does not agree with the assessments of the Ukrainian authorities that there is no threat of Russian invasion. About it stated White House Speaker Jen Psaki on Tuesday, January 25.

“No one can get into the minds of President Putin and the Russian leadership. What we see is different training, including the Russian military at the border,” Psaki explained.

In addition, Psaki said that Biden “has no intention, no interest, no desire” to send US troops to Ukraine. At the same time, she focused on coordinating efforts with US NATO partners.

Recall that earlier today The third plane with weapons from the United States arrived in Ukraine. Cargo with US military assistance was unloaded at Terminal F.

Before USA approved the transfer to Ukraine by the authorities of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia of American-made weapons – Javelin and Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems.

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