US wants new UN sanctions on North Korea

American diplomacy believes that the ballistic missile launches from Pyongyang violate “the resolutions of the Security Council” of the United Nations.

The United States will propose to its 14 partners on the UN Security Council to adopt new international sanctions against North Korea after several ballistic missile launches by Pyongyang, the ambassador announced on Wednesday evening January 12. American at the UN.

Following Wednesday’s announcement of new financial sanctions against five North Korean nationals by the US Treasury and State Department, “US proposes UN sanctions following North Korea’s six ballistic missile launches since September 2021, each of them violating UN Security Council resolutions”, wrote Linda Thomas-Greenfield in a tweet. His message does not specify what type of sanctions could be proposed to the Security Council, where China and Russia, endowed with a right of veto and which have been asking for more than a year for an easing of the measures taken against Pyongyang, could s oppose it.

North Korea fired a hypersonic missile last week. While a Security Council meeting was held on Monday on this launch, Pyongyang claimed to have renewed the experience of a hypersonic missile test under the personal supervision of North Korean number one Kim Jong Un. This new test has been described by diplomats as «provocation».

The Security Council’s last demonstrations of unity date back to 2017. Under the administration of Republican Donald Trump, the United States pushed through the Security Council unanimously through three sets of increasingly severe economic sanctions after missile and nuclear tests carried out by North Korea. These measures, still in force, notably limit oil imports by Pyongyang and prohibit its exports of coal, iron, fishing or textiles.

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