US sends military aid to Ukraine

Germany will deliver in February to Ukraine, the scene of a crisis between Westerners and Russians, a “field hospital“, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht announced on Saturday. “I can understand wanting to support Ukraine, that’s exactly what we are already doing“, assures the minister in an interview published in the Sunday version of the newspaper Die Welt.

Thus, a complete field hospital will be delivered in February, with the necessary training (staff)“, she announces, specifying that the cost for Germany would amount to 5.3 million euros.

We have also already provided respirators“, specifies Mrs. Lambrecht, adding that Germany treated “already the seriously injured Ukrainian soldiers in (the) hospitals of the Bundeswehr“, the German army.

Germany, on the other hand, rejected the idea of ​​​​delivering arms to Ukraine, believing that this would only aggravate tensions.

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