US Presidential. Joe Biden calls for patience

The presidential election is not a long quiet river for Joe Biden. Clearly leading in opinion polls, the Democratic candidate faces unexpected resistance from the Republican electorate of Donald Trump. Far from grinding his teeth, the former vice-president of Barack Obama retains his usual calm and promises his supporters a victory… after the counting of the votes by correspondence.

“Keep confidence, guys”, Joe Biden said in front of Democratic sympathizers gathered in his stronghold of Wilmington, Delaware. “Keep the faith! We will win. Your patience is great ”, he added. Used to building successes methodically and often step by step, even in pain, the person concerned does not give in to panic and hammers his confidence.

And the Democratic candidate to add on the social network Twitter: “We feel good at the moment. We are on track to win this election ”. However, the Democratic wave, hoped by some in the Biden camp did not take place.

The loss of Texas, North Carolina and Florida, as well as their difficulties in Georgia and Pennsylvania, have not, however, damaged the confidence of the “Blues”, but it now seems certain that the final results will not be known until Wednesday evening or Thursday.

“We knew, given the unprecedented importance of early voting and postal voting, that it would take time”, launched from the platform the candidate of 77 years. “But I’m here to tell you that we believe we are on our way to winning the election. It will not be over until each ballot is counted. Every ballot counts. It is not finished “.

In conclusion, Biden warned that the name of the new president would not be known for several hours, if not days: “We would like to be fixed on the results tomorrow morning, but it will certainly take a little longer. I have said it for a long time, it is not my role or that of Donald Trump to declare who will be elected. This is the decision of the Americans. But I am optimistic about the outcome of the poll ”.


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