World US is threatening with a ban on internet access...

US is threatening with a ban on internet access in hong Kong


A consultative body established by the united states department of Justice, ontraadt the use of an internet cable between the united states and the middle east. The consultants are concerned that the personal information of millions of Americans as well as other data in the hands of the Chinese spionagediensten, writing Political.

By “personal information, combined with data on travel, health, and payments are made, Chinese secret services, and, in a few years’ time, a database containing information on his enemies, to build unprecedented level of detail,” say the consultants.

With 13,000 miles

The nearly 13,000-kilometre-long cable that is located on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and has branches to the Philippines, and Taiwan. The capacity is large enough to have 80 million video connections between hong Kong and Los Angeles, and also in high definition quality.

In the instance of millions of money. It is a project of Google and Facebook, but it is also a Chinese company, and the Dr. Peng Telecom & Media Group.

One of the advisors of the Us administration to say that this company has to be in close contact with the Chinese intelligence and security agencies and also the required information to Beijing, to share with you.

Hold on to hong Kong

The chances of this happening, it would be the last time, they have increased, because of China’s grip on the semi autonomous hong Kong to further strengthen.

The body is going to have to agree with the end of the year, with connections to Taiwan.


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