Urged to Send Weapons to Donbass, Here’s the Kremlin’s Answer


The Russian government is urged to send weapons to Donbass, Ukraine. Photo/New York Times

MOSCOW Kremlin said the request of high MPs from the government party Russia to deliver military equipment to Donbass shows how seriously the country takes the crisis across the border in Ukraine .

Influential political groups argue it is a necessary response to recent arms shipments by Western countries to Kiev.

Earlier, Vladimir Vasilyev, parliamentary leader of the United Russia party, made the request in a statement.

“We understand that they are pumping Ukraine with missile systems, grenade launchers and other supplies,” he said.

“There are also instructors there to train them how to use this equipment. This is a great danger. This is preparation for military action, and nothing else. Military action against the peaceful people living there,” he added.

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“We have waited a long time for a reasonable decision to win in Washington, but this did not happen,” he continued.

“We only hear about sanctions, and about weapons being sent to conflict zones,” he said.

The Russian lawmaker compared the situation in Ukraine to Nazism and said it was reminiscent of Stepan Bandera, the right-wing Ukrainian nationalist leader whose organization massacred thousands of Poles and Jews in the 1940s.

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