Update the symptoms “Governor Virasak” responds after a response to the coronavirus in Samut Sakhon.

Dr. Prasit updated the symptoms of “Governor Virasak Wichit Sangsri” without fever, no additional infections. Restless after submitting about the COVID-19 situation in Samut Sakhon

Date 3 Feb. 2021 Prof. Prasit Wattanapa, Dean of Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Progressing symptoms revealedSamut Sakhon Provincial Governor Mr. Weerasak Wichit Sangsri There was no additional infection today, no fever, and everything indicated in such a way that the infection could be controlled. Which the situation is considered good Respiration by lung oxygen exchange can be improved, can gradually decrease the oxygen further. The oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the bloodstream are still good. Considered to improve the respiratory system The results of the functions of other organs such as the liver and kidneys are at normal levels.

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This The doctor gradually retreated to the sleeping pill. To make the governor of Samut Sakhon awake and for his wife to visit to assess the reaction To tell the story that the governor Interested to stimulate thinking He found himself restless when he talked about the COVID-19 situation in Samut Sakhon showing that he was still thinking about work. As the physical team began to help recover the muscles. After lying down and resting for a long time, the overall system Almost came back, leaving only breathing And the next step began to adjust the ventilator mode to stimulate the breathing itself. However, the doctor had to fall asleep. Muscle relaxants, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs Except for the drug to reduce fibrosis that is still given And next week, the lungs will be X-rayed again to compare with the previous one.

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