Update Synopsis for Love Story November 4, 2021, Argadana is desperate to take Maudy to the doctor, Oma Risma speaks up

FLORES TERKINI – Update Sinopsis Love Story 4 November 2021 come again to greet loyal readers. This time we will discuss some things about Ken, Maudy Argadana and others.

The presence of the Love Story Synopsis Update 4 November 2021 this time of course still the same as before. It will be filled with fun and surprises.

For that, so as not to be surprised later, friends can immediately listen to the Love Story Synopsis Update 4 November 2021 the following.

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In this episode we will be presented with the situation Maudy. Fetal growth and movement make Maudy pain.

Seeing her daughter in pain, Argadana Becomes panic. In his mind Maudy attacked by certain diseases.

Well that’s what I have in mind Argadana, because he doesn’t know if Maudy pregnant.

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Because panic and don’t want anything to happen to his son, Argadana then invite Maudy to go to the doctor.


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