Update on Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients As of September 21, 2021

Merdeka.com – The number of recipients of the Covid-19 vaccine in Indonesia continues to grow. As of today, Tuesday (21/9), recipients of the first dose of vaccine have reached 81,083,498 people.

An increase of 1,422,335 from the data on Monday (20/9) at 18:00 WIB which showed that there were still 79,661,163 people. The percentage of recipients of the first dose of vaccine was 38.93 percent of the 208,265,720 vaccination target.

While the recipients of the second dose of vaccine were 46,125,790 people or equivalent to 22.15 percent. An increase of 897,667 from yesterday’s data, which was still 45,228,123 people.

The recipients of the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine reached 868,736 or equivalent to 59.15 percent of the target of 1.4 million people. An increase of 12,117 from yesterday’s data, only 856,619 people.

This data was submitted by the Ministry of Health through kemkes.go.id, Tuesday (21/9) at 18.00 WIB. The Ministry of Health noted that the Covid-19 vaccination in Indonesia had been given to five groups of people, namely health workers, public officers, the elderly, the general public, and adolescents.

In addition to the government’s vaccination program, the Ministry of Health also reports data on mutual cooperation vaccinations. The following are the details of the Covid-19 vaccination data for the government and mutual cooperation programs:

Health workers

Dose 1: 1,967,988 (133.99 percent)

Dose 2: 1,809,863 (123.22 percent)

Dose 3: 868,736 (59.15 percent)

public officer

Dose 1: 27,688,233 (159.80 percent)

Dose 2: 15,634,714 (90.23 percent)


Dose 1: 5,981,058 (27.75 percent)

Dose 2: 4,181,850 (19.40 percent)

General public

Dose 1: 41,087,173 (29.10 percent)

Dose 2: 21,438,428 (15.18 percent)


Dose 1: 3,385,153 (12.68 percent)

Dose 2: 2,318,223 (8.68 percent)

Communal work

Dose 1: 972,029 (6.48 percent)

Dose 2: 741,195 (4.94 percent) (mdk/fik)


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