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JOGLOSEMAR NEWS – Game lovers, of course, are familiar with the game Minecraft.

Game developed by Mojang Studios this is a game that can be played on HP Android for now.

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Originally Minecraft released for PS and computer only. However, as time goes by Mojang Studios released the Android version.

Minecraft first released in 2011 for Xperia Play on Android Markets. At that time, HP Android not as popular now.

This game used to be called Minecraft Pocket Edition. However, the company decided to keep things simple by removing the word Pocket Edition.

Player tasks of the game Minecraft it’s simple. Players only need to build something like buildings, docks, roads and so on.

Players need to build it with blocks that have been provided by the game’s production team.

Players can also enjoy the results by traveling without carrying out special missions. Of course creativity and imagination continue to be honed.

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