Unvaccinated people are more at risk of reinfection


Unvaccinated people and people who have had a mild course of disease are more likely to become infected with the corona virus again. That appears from UK figures about what The Guardian bericht.

Other factors also play a role. For example, the chance of re-contamination with Omikron is greater if you did not have Omikron but Delta last time. Experts have calculated that the chance of recontamination with Omikron is about five times greater than with Delta. The time that has elapsed since the vaccination also plays a role: the longer the vaccinations are, the greater the chance of a new infection.

British figures show that the number of reinfections is rising rapidly. In total, more than 425,000 reinfections have been identified in the United Kingdom. More than a quarter (as many as 110,000 cases) of those occurred in the first full week of January.

Some people are infected more than twice. This is how the Dutch Anna Sanders hit in nine months infected four times. “I am really re-infected every time. Between the positive tests, I also have demonstrable evidence of negative PCR tests,” she told RTL Nieuws this week. The third infection was with Delta, the fourth with Omikron. Sanders has been vaccinated twice.

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