Unprecedented police action in all of Bulgaria on Easter

Uniformed and civilian police officers will watch for suspicious persons and people from the criminal contingent who have decided to commit burglaries during the Easter holidays. This was reported by “Monitor” Inspector Rosen Belishki from the Criminal Police Department at the General Directorate of the National Police.

According to him, such actions are made constantly, but this one will be especially focused on this type of crime against property due to analyzes from previous years. They show an increase in home burglaries on holidays, because then many people choose to travel – for a trip or to celebrate the day with their loved ones.

“Many police officers will work on holidays, so anyone who decides to commit a crime must have one thing in mind. If he takes illegal actions, he will most likely celebrate in custody, Belishki commented. Over the years, there has been a tendency for home theft to decrease significantly.

This is mainly due to the growing number of police actions concentrated in the fight against these crimes. Law enforcement agencies constantly break up gangs that profit from illegal activities. Most of them also spend years in prison, which acts preventively and refuses any worries about easy money.

In the first 3 months of 2021, 1,040 home burglaries were registered with the police, compared to 1,468 in the same period last year. These data mark a decrease in this crime by nearly 30% in the first quarter of this year. On the other hand, the detection rate has jumped significantly – from 22% in January-March 2020 to 28.37% in January-March 2021.

1521 thefts were registered with the police in Plovdiv for the past 2020, according to a report by Monitor. This accounts for 24% of all registered encroachments and 68% of property crimes in the district center and the region. But there are more criminals caught, according to forensic scientists from the city on the hills. 38% is the detection of this type of encroachment on the personal belongings of citizens.

Due to the COVID epidemic, the thefts committed in 2020 were about 300 less than in the previous year. In 2019, the registered thefts in Plovdiv and the surrounding area were 1,821, and only a year earlier they were 2,184. when the dwelling is free from its occupants.

This is also done through social media, where holidaymakers like to upload photos. The other option is by stalking the residents’ schedule, and if they observe strictly defined hours of going out and returning home on weekdays, the criminals take advantage.

Varna holds the second place in home theft after the capital, as the seaside town is especially attractive for tourists from all over the country during the active summer tourist season. Thieves then break into homes, villas and hotels, jumping over balconies, using forgotten or stolen keys or left on the inside of an unlocked door.

Thieves are becoming more inventive, and the techniques they use to break into our home are becoming quieter and more delicate, forensic scientists warn. Most burglaries in apartments are carried out between 8 and 11 o’clock in the morning, when fewer people are at home, or in the wee hours of the night, while the owners sleep the deepest sleep.

The home is monitored for at least 3-4 days, and the thieves need 4-5 minutes to enter the designated home and pick up the most valuable. In 2020, a total of 5,880 criminal offenses were registered on the territory of the OD of the Ministry of Interior in Varna.

Of these, the thefts were a total of 3076 and marked a decrease from 269 to 3345 for the previous year. The share of the most common type of encroachments – theft of property, is 52.3 percent, and the decrease in their number is 8 percent. The detection rate for all thefts is 25.1%, and only for home thefts – 33.7%.

In Burgas, since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a steady trend towards a significant decline in home theft, which continues to this day. According to forensic scientists, the reason is that many people stay at home or spend significantly more of their time at home.

They also speculate that thieves are very likely to fear infection, given the well-known fact that many people have COVID and are potentially contagious.

The number of robbed homes in the bulletin of the police in Stara Zagora is practically one tenth of the “reported”, the police are categorical. The reason is that the robberies became known much later due to the absence of the owners from the settlements. Many literally “swallowed” the damage due to the long ongoing pre-trial proceedings.

The last such case, which lasted for a long time, was stolen in the summer of last year. 4 bicycles from two addresses in Kazanlak at a total value of BGN 3,500 and the discovery of the perpetrator – 19-year-old Carlo Kurtev, only on April 14 this year, after the teenager was wanted for audacious theft of a box with donations for the needy 39-year-old woman from Kazanlak was treated abroad.

The most frequent victims of domestic robberies are the residents of small settlements, but there are also complaints from the municipal centers and the regional town.

Despite fewer thefts and most police bandits caught, they warn citizens to be extremely careful about protecting their homes. It is crucial to invest in quality locking mechanisms and solid doors. Cash locks are like child’s play for the Apaches and it is important that they be replaced with more reliable ones.

Anything that even slows down a thief is useful – it can be a latch placed on the inside of the door, homemade rods or tubes to pierce before locking, and any other gadgets available on the market. It is also important to pay attention to the PVC windows in the home, if the apartment is on a low floor in the block.

They bend very easily by thieves who decide to break in. Traders offer many options for burglary protection at different prices for windows or balcony doors. In addition, those wishing to secure their home can install an iron grille in front of their window or invest in quality wooden windows that cannot be bent and are difficult to break.

In order to be protected from Apache raids, people should also not disclose before traveling, and be more reluctant to publish personal information and photos from trips on social networks, the Interior Ministry said.


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