Unlock the new Genesis GV60 with your face and start it with your fingerprint

Genesis’ premium electric crossover relies on interesting technologies.

Hyundai’s South Korean brand Genesis has recently been actively trying to make its mark among premium manufacturers – using all proven weapons. From the specific design, through the valuable cabin to the use of new technologies and technological toys, which customers in the premium segment usually hear about.

One of them should be the “Face Connect” system, which is introduced for the first time with the GV60 model and should gradually appear across the brand’s offer. At the same time, the new technology will allow the electric car to recognize the user by the face, thanks to which it will be possible to unlock the car without using any key.

The entire user’s profile should be assigned to the user’s face, in which, in addition to the seat, steering wheel and mirror settings, the infotainment or visor display settings can also be stored. After all, similar profiles are already offered by some other carmakers, but so far only Subaru has been able to activate them according to their faces, but they have not been able to unlock them according to their faces.

In addition, Genesis adds that the car was equipped with a so-called Near-Infra-Red (NIR) camera, which can detect the user’s face even at night, for the system to function smoothly even in poor visibility.

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The main idea of ​​the system is simple: to allow the user of the car to move freely without worrying about where to put the keys, which will come in handy, for example, when a trip to the water. In addition, the key may not be needed to start. Along with “Face Connect”, Genesis also announced the “Fingerprint Authentication System,” which allows you to start the car after recognizing a fingerprint.

A separate chapter of the new Genesis GV60 will be its support for wireless updates, which will not be limited to infotainment or navigation. The carmaker will also be able to remotely improve the head-up display or software of the car’s electric drive control unit, shock absorbers, brakes, booster or airbags.


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