University of Heidelberg – gunman (18) had weapons from abroad and threatened in a WhatsApp message

At a press conference, the Mannheim police and the Heidelberg public prosecutor’s office informed about the killing spree at the University of Heidelberg:

The gunman is an 18-year-old German. He was a biology student at the University of Heidelberg. He had no criminal record, lived in Mannheim, but no longer with his parents.

Shortly before the crime, he sent a Whatsapp message to a person he knew. In it he threatened that “people must be punished”. However, he did not mention anyone by name.

Before 12:24 p.m., the perpetrator began shooting in the lecture hall. He had two long guns – a side-by-side and a bolt-action rifle – and a backpack with 100 rounds of ammunition. He injured four people in the hall and fled outside. There he took his own life.

The 18-year-old had bought the guns abroad a few days earlier. He didn’t have a gun license.

A 23-year-old student suffered such serious injuries in a rampage in the lecture hall that she died a few hours later in the hospital. Two other students and one student aged 19 to 21 suffered minor leg, head and back injuries.

That remains unclear. According to the police, what is special about the crime is that the perpetrator left the lecture hall after only three shots, even though he had filled a backpack with ammunition. It can therefore not be ruled out that a specific person should be hit.

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