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Starting this Monday, the 12th in the country, the third Minor Contagion phase of the 9/100 vaccination plan will begin in advance, which aims to inoculate 9 million people against COVID-19 in the first 100 days of management of the current government, which took office on May 24. Initially, this phase was scheduled for July 15 onwards, but the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) advanced it with a view to accelerating the immunization process.

Universities, private companies and other entities have joined the initiative that, among other objectives, seeks to reactivate the national economy.

Until Friday, July 9, the vaccinometer (a government tool to measure immunization against the coronavirus) registered 1’664,155 people vaccinated with the two doses and partially immunized at 2’050,378. In total, 5’378,688 doses had been applied up to that date.

In this new phase, the biological will be applied to people between 48 and 16 years old. On each day people will be cared for according to their age, so, for example, on Monday 48-year-olds will be vaccinated; on Tuesday, those of 47; on Wednesday, those of 46; on Thursday, those of 45; on Friday, those of 44; on Saturday, those of 43 and the laggards, that is, those who did not attend during that week in the age range described; and on Sunday, those of 42 and also the laggards. Monday 19 will correspond to those of 41 years and thus the succession will be maintained until reaching those of 16.

From this Monday the 12th, the premises of the Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí (Uleam), will be pedestrianized, since from that date this center of higher studies located in Manta will become a new vaccination point against COVID-19, within support for the third phase of vaccination.

Mobile vaccination brigades will go to remote sectors to reach the entire population of the country

But in addition to Manta, another five extensions in the cities of Chone, Bahía de Caráquez, El Carmen, Pedernales and Tosagua, will also be vaccinated, confirmed Marcos Zambrano, rector of this entity.

“We are in a nerve-wracking moment where life is what counts, that’s why our unconditional support with our staff of teachers, students, administrative workers and logistics,” explained Zambrano.

The goal is that an average of six thousand doses of vaccines provided by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) will be applied at the main headquarters of the Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro in Manta as well as in the five extensions.

In Tungurahua, around 800 students from the last two semesters of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Universidad Regional Autónoma de los Andes (Uniandes) received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Wednesday of this week, in order to be ready to support the massive inoculation plan.

Carlos López, dean of the faculty, said that the objective of the vaccination that was carried out once the availability of the vaccines was made known is because the students will be the line of support that the MSP will have.

López indicated that the vaccines that were given to the students are the Sinovac and Pfizer, which have a shorter time to receive the second dose in order for them to be immunized.

Coronavirus cases in Ecuador, as of Sunday, July 11: 468,346 confirmed, 21,830 deaths and 1’664,155 vaccinated

For her part, Sandra Pule, an official of the MSP of the Patate-Pelileo district, commented that to attend the mass vaccination there is a lack of hands, that for that reason before the opening of the Uniandes to want to support with the students of the Medicine careers, it was considered the inoculation to those of the upper levels.

He added that what is wanted is to meet the goal of 9 million Ecuadorians vaccinated in 100 days, which is a commitment of the national government.

Kevin Salguero and Edith Acosta, students of the Uniandes, were pleased to receive the first dose of the vaccine and hope that they can be immunized in the scheduled time to thus support the massive vaccination plan without taking greater risks in case of being infected.

In Loja, the Health, Prefecture and Government authorities aspire to vaccinate the entire population until August 3, including 16-year-olds.

The accelerated process continues. Between Saturday and Sunday, employees and family members of private companies were vaccinated, more than 43-year-old stragglers and people with disabilities and chronic or catastrophic diseases.

Four vaccination centers located in the four cardinal points of the Hoya Lojana have not shown agglomerations of vaccinable, however, around 700 people have been vaccinated on average per vaccination center. (I)

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