United States: reversed in full live, a journalist takes the antenna

Miraculously, everyone will come out of the accident unscathed. In full duplex, on January 19, Tori Yorgey, journalist for the American channel WSAZ-TV, was knocked down by a car arriving without warning behind her.

As the story goes HuffPost, the young journalist was about to report on the rupture of a water pipe in Dunbar (in the state of West Virginia) when the SUV appeared in the field of the camera before ejecting it with some violence.

The presenter does not panic and, after a few seconds, the journalist gets up, shocked, but unscathed. “Oh my God ! I just got hit by a car, but I’m fine.”, she reassures.

The driver of the vehicle, too, is worried. “I’m fine, you’re fine, everyone is fine,” says Tori Yorgey. Relieved, but in shock, she explains: “I was also hit by a car at university, exactly like that. I’m so happy to be alive”. “My whole life flashed before my eyes”, she confesses before adjusting, with great professionalism, her camera and resuming her report.

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