United States – Lab monkeys flee after road accident


An accident between a garbage truck and another heavy goods vehicle in the United States briefly allowed four monkeys to escape on Friday. Three of the animals dedicated to a laboratory have been taken back.

The monkeys that escaped were destined for a lab in Florida.

photo d’illustration AFP

Four monkeys took advantage of a traffic accident to escape from the truck transporting them to the Florida laboratory where they were destined, according to Pennsylvania police, who recovered three and were still looking for the fourth on Saturday. The truck carrying around 100 crab-eating macaques collided with a garbage truck on Friday afternoon near the small town of Danville in the center of this northeastern US state. IT’Sunited states.

Four monkeys “escaped from the scene of the accident and disappeared in the vicinity”, tweeted the local police, who called on the population not to approach the animals. Three of them were later captured, but the fourth was still at large Saturday morning. “Update on the accident: there is still a monkey missing, we ask that no one tries to see or capture the animal,” police added on Saturday.

Shots heard

According to local channel WNEP, a police helicopter equipped with thermal cameras helped locate the macaques during searches carried out in the middle of the night, in freezing cold. Pennsylvania police released a photo showing a monkey perched in a tree, dazzled by a flashlight. According to WNEP, police surrounded the animal and then shots were heard. The fate of the recovered animals was not known on Saturday.

The price of a crab-eating macaque, also called a long-tailed macaque, can reach 10,000 dollars (just over 9,100 francs). These monkeys, very common in Southeast Asia, have been widely used in research on vaccines against Covid, according to the “New York Times”. They can live 30 years in captivity.


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