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United States accuses four Chinese military of cyber attack Equifax | International


The US Department of Justice has filed charges on Monday against four Chinese Army officers for the massive cyberattack that affected in 2017 to the Equifax credit information firm. Attorney General William Barr described in a statement that the efforts of the alleged perpetrators were “a deliberate and radical intrusion in the private information of the American people“The illegal access to the financial databases allowed the attackers to steal information from 143 million users, including the security number associated with the profile with which the individual’s credit history is constructed.

Last Friday a federal court in Atlanta (Georgia) issued an indictment against four members of the People’s Liberation Army (EPL) of China for hacking Equifax systems, stealing personal data and business secrets of the company. According to the Department of Justice, the attackers conducted approximately 9,000 inquiries in the credit company’s systems, accessing sensitive data related to the identity of clients, such as the date of birth, driver’s license number and Social Security number, which can be used to access information such as medical records and bank accounts. “These data have an economic value, and these thefts can feed the development of artificial intelligence tools in China,” Barr said.

“Today we hold the EPL hackers responsible for their criminal actions, and we remind the Chinese Government that we have the ability to eliminate the cloak of Internet anonymity and find the hackers that the nation repeatedly deploys against us,” the prosecutor warned. general.

In July of last year, Equifax, one of the three most important companies in the United States that reports on the solvency of consumers, reached an extrajudicial agreement that contemplated a penalty of 700 million dollars for exposing the private data of millions of its clients, including credit card numbers of 209,000 consumers and documents with personal information of 182,000 individuals.

Barr said the attack on Equifax is just “a piece of China’s other illegal access to sensitive personal data,” citing the 2015 attack on the government agency that collects personal information from federal workers (OPM), which affected that The same year, the health insurance company Anthem and the one that suffered the Marriott hotel chain in 2014. During the Barack Obama Administration, the United States reached a “common understanding” agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Both leaders pledged at the White House in 2015 to stop cyber attacks and piracy.



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