Ukrainian General Claims Coup Against Putin Is Going On


Ukraine’s top military official says a coup against Russian President Vladimir Putin is taking place. Photo/Illustration

KIEV – Military high ranking officers Ukraine said that the coup to overthrow the President Russia Vladimir Putin is ongoing and cannot be stopped.

Major General Kyrylo Budanov told British media Sky News that if Russia lost the war in Ukraine, Putin would be overthrown and his country would collapse.

“This will eventually lead to a change in the leadership of the Russian Federation,” Budanov told the outlet.

“This process has been launched,” he added as quoted from NewsweekSunday (15/5/2022).

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When pressed whether he believed a coup had taken place, he replied, “yes.”

“They are moving in this way and it is impossible to stop them,” he added.

In an interview broadcast by Sky, Budanov provided no evidence of the coup. While there is speculation whether the poor performance of Russian troops in Ukraine could trigger Putin’s sacking, experts doubt whether this is possible.

Russia’s Federal Protective Service (FSO) main spy agency, the FSB, and the National Guard (Rosgvardia) serve to protect Putin.

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