Business Uber will sell their technology to get out of...

Uber will sell their technology to get out of the crisis by the COVID-19


Uber is in a hurry. Even when the brand saw a significant growth in the demand for their services related to Uber Eats, the reality is that the healthcare crisis hit so important to your business.

In its financial report for the first quarter, Uber reported revenue by 3 billion 543 million dollars between January and march of 2020, which exceeded the expectations of specialists.

Although the figure is not bad, the reality is that the company also recorded a loss of 2 thousand 940 million dollars, an item that had managed to contain in its past reports.

Between cuts and closures

This led to the transport platform to take decisions related to cuts and closures. on the intention to minimize these losses, the firm announced, according to The Verge, cuts in its workforce, equivalent to 14 percent so that about 3 thousand 700 collaborators were notified of his departure from the company by means of a call via Zoom.

Added to this was a new wave of layoffs. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal and Reuters, the cuts amounted to 3 thousand jobs to the global level, which also included the closure of offices in different parts of the planet.

The crop of Uber arrived in Mexico. At least so it was reported through The Universal, means that quoting Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of the company, stressed that the offices of Uber located in Monterrey and Guadalajara to be closed as part of the plan of reorganization of the company, then the coronavirus.

Selling technology is the lifeguard?

Before this scenario, in recent weeks, the firm has announced the launch of new features as well as new services that allow you to recover after the blow which resulted in the sanitary contingency.

Late last month, the company launched a new feature on its service under the name Uber Hourly, which as indicated from Mashable, will allow users to book a ride for an hour with a cost of $ 50, during which you will be able to make as many stops as necessary.

What is certain is that this seems not to be enough to get out of the crisis, the firm is taking measures even more drastic.

Today, Uber announced that it will sell to third parties the software that it uses in its platform, in an attempt to recover from the losses left by the pandemic.

In a timely manner, according to Bloomberg data, the company will make available to agencies of public transportation its technology, where the first to benefit will be the Marin county, California, where the department of transport public of the locality have already purchased the software for your program Marin Connect.

Uber signed an agreement to provide this program to the public transport for two years in exchange for 80 thousand dollars.

David Reich, chief of Uber Transit, stated that this is a new product and will sell its technology to other transit agencies. According to Reich, the redesign of the software is a process that started a few years ago so others could use it.



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