World U.S. Department of justice is suing Trump-critical memoirs

U.S. Department of justice is suing Trump-critical memoirs


John Bolton served as the American President’s one and a half years as a security consultant, then the two fell out with each other. Bolton wants to break his Silence with a book – but now the Ministry of justice has filed a lawsuit against the publication. Also, opponents of the President to see the work critically.

John Bolton, a former security adviser to Donald Trump, during a lecture at Duke University in February.

Jonathan Drake / Reuters

Actually, the memoirs of John Bolton, the former security adviser to the American President Donald Trump would have to appear before three months. But then delayed objections of the White house the publication. Now the judiciary wants to reach the Ministry, even with a lawsuit before the court that the book is not, as planned, on 23. June appears.

In a Tuesday (local time) in a Federal court in Washington lawsuit was filed it was said that Bolton spread only secret information, but is harmful with the publication of the “national security”. In the lawsuit, the court will be asked to a publication of the book is to say, before a Review of the content is completed by the White house.

President Trump had Bolton on Monday, 15. June, in the case of the publication of the work in penal consequences threatened. The book should come to appear as announced, on Tuesday week, would Bolton failed to “against the law”. All conversations with him, the Bolton quote, possibly from his time in the White house, were “strictly confidential,” said Trump. It was “totally inappropriate”, that Bolton published during trump’s term of office, a book.

Minister of justice, William Barr said on Monday, Bolton have not gone through the prescribed process, to allow for passages through the White house release.

Bolton wants to speak to text

Bolton had been President of Donald Trump from April 2018 to September 2019 and to the side, until he took to a head a hat. On Friday, 12. June, claimed the publishing house Simon & Schuster, the long Wait had been worthwhile. In the almost 600-page book with the title “The Room Where It Happened”, the publishing house on 23. June wants to publish, speak Bolton clear text. So the author will say, the Ukraine affair, which is why Trump was drawn by the end of 2019 by the house of representatives in an Impeachment process, was only the tip of the iceberg.

Also Bolton had been surprised at how Trump calculated to be in the years 2018 and 2019, the procedure. The President was interested in, only to be re-elected, and have therefore made decisions, America at risk, or would have weakened, and write Foreign policy in his book.

“Decided to sell books”

Surprisingly, it covered even celebrities Trump-critic, took the former Advisor in the first position, with the harshest criticism. George Conway, an adviser to the conservative “Project Lincoln,” which calls for the dismissal of the President said: “imagine the book that John Bolton could have written, if he had done the right thing.” And the democratic Deputy Mike Quigley said about the long-term safety politicians: “To be decided by the time the country most needed, he has to sell books.”

The reason for this criticism is the role played by Bolton at the beginning of the year in the impeachment process. Although the environment was in January of leakage, that he could appear as a state witness against the President, because he had personally noticed such as Trump have urged the government of Ukraine toAn investigation against the family of democratic presidential candidate Joe to include Biden, preferred Bolton to silence. He refused voluntarily before the Senate to testify, as the small chamber deliberated on the guilt or innocence of Trump. Bolton it was not the fact that he would be formally subpoenaed. The Republican Senate majority refused this request but at last on 31. January, the President has spoken with a 51 to 49 vote; five days later, free.

Now, Bolton claimed that the Democrats had made a mistake, to limit the Impeachment proceedings against Trump on the Ukraine affair. Also, he says, according to the press release from his publisher, that he and his comrades-in-arms had tried to make the misconduct of the President’s attention.

The White house wants to prevent the publication

Bolton, in 2016, were also said to have ambitions to the White house, presents his book as a victim of the government Trump. By all means the White house attempts to prevent the publication of the work, wrote Bolton’s lawyer Chuck Cooper recently in a guest post for the “Wall Street Journal”. As a vehicle the requirement to serve the White house that books by former government had employees who have access to secret service documents, prior to the publication by government lawyers must be checked.

According to Cooper Bolton has been in a protracted procedure, all the passages contained in the eyes of the White house secret material. Therefore, nothing precludes the publication of the book now. The White house, however, seems to be of a different opinion, because Trump is said to have referred to his former adviser behind closed doors as a traitor.

So far, in any case, had refused the White house to give the publisher the green light, writes Bolton’s lawyer, because the book contained still-confidential passages. Attempts to censor the former security adviser, but would fail, says Cooper. “The book of Lord Bolton is on the 23. June published.”


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