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Two points not enough: LASK pulls in front of the court of arbitration


The LASK is not satisfied with the reduction of the points deduction from six to four points! Linz to terminate, also want to against the last-instance judgment of the Bundesliga action.

The LASK with shares late on Monday evening that the decision of the protest Committee “on the part of the LASK may not be accepted. The Association is, therefore, of his right to appeal to the Standing Neutral court of arbitration use,”.

“Also, the protest Committee has not corrected the basic errors in the first instance, Senate 1, who had intervened in the ongoing championship of this year’s Tipico Bundesliga”, the LASK as a justification.

In addition, the duty of care of the Association’s organs contrary to the desire for more rapid legal certainty”. As a consequence, will not be eliminated, the us is entitled to Appeal,” explain the Linzer.

LASK takes the “greatest uncertainty” in the purchase

The LASK of self-be it by the current process, the “biggest uncertainty in terms of occupancy of a specific international starting place” to meet. “The resulting difficulties with regard to the planning of the next season, we must take in this sense in buying.”

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With the decision of the protest Committee of the Assembly of the Association is completed by internal remedies available within the Bundesliga. The Constant neutral court of arbitration decides after that as a court of arbitration within the meaning of the Austrian civil process order (ZPO) – about a week after Receipt of the complaint.

With the gear in front of the Constantly neutral court of arbitration at the end of behind the final table of the most group, season 5. July is still a question mark. Even prior to the entry deadline for the Austrian European Cup-Starter to UEFA on 3. August, it could be tight if the total time is exhausted the frame.

The upper Austrians were at first instance on 28. May, because of their training, violations of the Corona-rules punished. The protest Committee of the League upheld the Protest of the Linz and the points are deducted now from 6 to 4 points (according to the fundamental passage, or points-sharing) is reduced. The fine of 75,000 euros, but.

The LASK is in the table of the most-group, eight points behind Leader Salzburg and two behind Rapid place.

Table of the League-most of the group, after reduction of the LASK-penalty:

PlaceClubGamesGoal differencePoints
1.Red Bull Salzburg2892:3038
2.Rapid Wien2855:3032
3.LASK2861:2930 *
5.TSV Hartberg2844:6223 **
6.SK Sturm Graz2841:4619

* = 4 points deduction due to a forbidden team training
** = Priority in the event of equality (due to rounding-off according to the fundamental passage)

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