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Nationalgeographic.co.id—Month Later, the explorer Yutu-2 found a mysterious cube object that looked like a house, and it was decided to approach in order to solve what it was.

Last Friday (07/01/2022) National Space Agency China (China National Space Administration/CNSA) lewat description on Ourspace, has managed to unravel the riddle of the “mystery house”.

Apparently, based on the latest images, the object is a small rock that is near the rim of the crater. When approached, this stone resembles a rabbit looking for food and is named the “Jade Rabbit”.

In Chinese, the Jade Rabbit is called Yutu who is a Chinese mythological figure who lives on the moon with Chang’e. It is said that the mortar pattern on the Moon that we have seen so far is the embodiment of Yutu who lives with Chang’e while making the potion for eternal life. Chang’e itself became the name of the Chinese-made exploration mission.

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Initially, Yutu-2 saw the rock on the horizon while trying to explore the far side of the Moon. Astronomers had thought the “mystery house” would be as tall as and resemble the Arc de Triomphe in France. Curious about the object, the Yutu-2 rover had to stray far from its path in order to reach it.

In the description, a Yutu-2 driver exclaimed when he found out the truth of the object. Astronomers immediately gathered to see the “Jade Rabbit” who was about to eat the rocks in front of him that resembled carrots.

The image piqued interest in the world and spawned much speculation ranging from aliens or famous landmarks to popular culture references.

“Is this seemingly good ‘rabbit’ a foreign guest or a native of the far side of the moon? How long have you been here? Was the fantasy of the ‘mysterious house’ on the horizon as expected? Was it all fate or coincidence?” wrote the astronomers. What is clear, they will find out more in this object.

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The mysterious object found on the surface of the far side of the Moon is a rabbit-shaped rock near a crater.

The discovery, which occurred on January 6, marks the furthest distance China has reached on the Moon, reaching 1,003,9 meters. This latest photo was taken from 100 meters away in order to make preliminary analysis, and observations of the crater behind it one lunar day (about a month), starting in late January.

This distance and discovery became a birthday present for two Chinese camera explorers, the Chang’e-4 and Yutu-2. Yutu-2 has reached its third year since descending to the lunar surface from the Chang’e-4 lander on January 3, 2019.

Yutu-2 is a Chinese explorer who carries the Visible and Near-Infrared Spectometer (VNIS) instrument that can be used to analyze the composition and abundance of material in lunar rock specimens.

The rover has detected clues of material from the lunar mantle, peered beneath the lunar surface on ground-penetrating radar to build up images of different rock layers, and has submitted many impressive images of the moon’s far side along with other discoveries.

Launch CCTV, December 2021 the Chinese government approved three new missions to the south pole. The missions are Chang’e-6, Chang’e-7, and Chang’e-8, whose first launches are in 2024. This approval coincides with the Chang’e-5 mission to land on the Moon for sample returns.

“The main goal of these three missions is for China to build a basic model of the lunar research station in cooperation with Russia, with China in the lead,” said Wu Yanhua, CNSA deputy head at CCTV.

“The construction of the station can lay a solid foundation for us to further explore the lunar environment and resources, including how to peacefully use and develop lunar resources.”

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