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Tue | news | Wearing: who said that we refuse the return of the league and we want the resumption of the cup? We’re not gonna play any of them


Refuse Mortada Mansour, chairman of Zamalek club the resumption of the league championship, as well as the Egyptian Cup.

Said Mortada Mansour: “international forecast due to Corona, and now coming back, does that mean the end of the virus Corona? Definitely not. It is here, so why stop the league and why will he be back?”.

He added in his remarks across the channel Zamalek “the league will not return, and sign on access to civil the title in case of cancellation”.

He explained, “stated and signed that he should cancel the season, cancel the results in full”.

He continued, “who said that we refuse the return of the league and we played the cup? Who said that”.

He also revealed, “We’re not playing the league will not play the cup of Egypt.”

Completed “if the state is the return of the league, how the club signed the pioneers of the army to document the abolition of the league? As well as border guards? It’s obvious”.

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