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Tue | news | report: did you back the files to Switzerland by the Grasshoppers for?


Still put Rena Feiler, artistic director of the Ahli uncertain, as his contract runs out at the end of the season, the Grasshoppers Swiss one of the clubs interested.

Was Feiler has left Egypt to Switzerland to visit his family and discuss them in the order of not, especially after the pandemic MERS-CoV and the flight conditions.

Declared Khaled area board member of the Ahly earlier it had been agreed with the coach of the Swiss to freeze for two years.

Revealed the position of that the fate of the artistic director of the Swiss is still a mystery until now because of the pandemic MERS-CoV.

Report put a question (Do you benefit grasshoppers violet to Switzerland again next?).

The site pointed out waiting for Violet until now the continuation of the Egyptian league after his stop, but that won’t stop the attention of other clubs coach.

Announced that the sports ministry on Monday to resume training again on June 20 to apply to competitions on July 25 next.

The report explained the admiration of its Regiment, president of the club, Grasshoppers including the Feiler examines the interaction of his leadership team after the departure of Goran Juri teachers.

The report said that the consent of the violet on it will ask him to earn less money than gets it in Egypt but it will be next to his family, so the coach expects a difficult decision in any case.

The report stressed that Violet wants to prove himself again in Europe after what happened at the time of driving the group Luzern Swiss.

The report highlighted the sparkling violet with Ahly and the 16 win streak in the Egyptian league in 17 games and in the cup of Egypt and qualify for the half final of the African Champions League.

The report concluded the lake Feiler,” between the honor of working with a giant of Africa or go back to Switzerland”, according to the report.

Wells Grasshoppers in the second division of the Swiss after relegation last season.

And grasshoppers in second place with 37 points and goal difference for a team, Vaduz, while the ministry in the lead with 52 points.

Held the 23rd round out of 36 league matches, the Swiss is scheduled to resume with the beginning of next week.

Oiled the owner of the first position directly to the International Swiss premium while playing his third straight qualifying for a difficult.

It is considered Grasshoppers is the hero of the historic league of the Swiss in 27 times following Basel 20.


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