Truth or lie? Djokovic’s fans abducted and skewered two kangaroos

It is alleged that in this photo are the six men who spun the poor kangaroo on a skewer. PHOTO: BG-VOICE.BG

The news seems to be fake, designed to make the emotions around the tennis player laugh

Six Serbs abducted and skewered two kangaroos in support of Novak Djokovic in Toronto. The criminals broke into the local zoo and killed the two rare western gray kangaroos Skippy and Ralph, writes the website, which is written in the USA and Chicago.

The men were arrested by the regional police. In an attempt to detain one, he started shouting “NATO assassins”, undressing and shaking the head of one of the killed animals. All the while, the apparently drunk men claimed to be proud to be Orthodox Serbian citizens, and praised Novak Djokovic. A photo appeared on social networks showing rare animals being roasted on a local football field.

Police are investigating the case after a report was given to women who witnessed the incident. They claim that while walking their dogs, a man from the group turned around and asked one of the ladies if she wanted to add her pet to the two kangaroos that are currently spinning on a skewer.

The news was first reported on the website, but it is believed to be fake and was created to ridicule the emotions surrounding the misfortunes of tennis player Novak Djokovic. To make it sound more credible, it was added that a DNA analysis of the skewered meat was done immediately, and the result showed that it was the kidnapped Skippies and Ralph. The mourning management of the zoo has decided to erect a monument to the ridiculously dead animals.


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