Transport Online – Van Straalen de Vries Group takes over Jan Snel Group’s recycling activities

ZWAAGDIJK/MONTFOORT – The Van Straalen de Vries Group is strengthening its position in recycling logistics by taking over the transport activities of the Jan Snel Group from Montfoort as of January 1, 2022.

This is the result of discussions over the past few months between Rober van Straalen and Simeon Roodenburg, director of transport Jan Snel. Future challenges such as road pricing, the labor market for drivers and sustainability were discussed. Both parties have come to the conclusion that only the bundling of capacity, network and knowledge can be the key to a sustainable future.

Since its foundation in 1960, Jan Snel has been a leader in the transport of recycled goods, especially Ferrous and non-ferrous materials, which means that we can state that this transport of bulk goods is a specialization of the people and their organization. They were also pioneers in the development of 20ft and 40ft vertical loading. “Jan Snel was therefore a company that we have always looked at with the necessary respect”, says Rober van Straalen.

“During our discussions it became clear to me”, says Simeon Roodenburg, “that Rober van Straalen has a vision for his company and the container transport division that falls under it, on the basis of which we jointly have a plan for the future, given the aforementioned challenges. developed.”

Simeon Roodenburg will be in charge of the container division of the Van Straalen de Vries group to implement this plan. Jan Snel continues to transport their own modular building systems themselves. The employees involved in this will therefore continue to be employed by the Jan Snel group.


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