Toyota GR 86 – strong entry to Poland. You will not buy this car in two years, because it will not meet European standards

The new Toyota GR 86 fills the legacy of the GT86. After its predecessor, the car took over the joy of driving a rear-wheel drive vehicle, and compared to the GT86 it gained a more powerful engine.

The Toyota GR 86 is the lightest four-seater coupe in the segment. The designers managed to achieve low weight (2,575 kg) thanks to the use of aluminum elements of the body and the roof.

The Toyota GR 86 is powered by a new four-cylinder boxer engine made of light metal. Compared to its predecessor, the displacement has been increased to 2.4 liters. In addition, the power has been increased from 200 hp to 234 hp and the vehicle’s performance has improved.

The Toyota GR 86 with a manual transmission achieves a hundred after 6.3 seconds, and the version equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission in 6.9 seconds. The top speed is 226 km / h and 216 km / h respectively.

Toyota GR 86 – great body proportions

The dimensions of the new Toyota GR 86 are almost identical to the GT86 (4,265 mm long, 1,775 mm wide, 1,310 mm high with a wheelbase of 2,575 mm). Such proportions allowed to maintain a low center of gravity, which in turn translates into agile handling. Moreover, by approx. 50 percent. the torsional stiffness has been increased, thus ensuring more precise steering of the vehicle.

The suspension of the Toyota GR 86 uses suspension struts (front) and a multi-link system (rear). 215/40 R18 wheels will be installed as standard, and disc brakes (ventilated both at the front and rear) will be used to stop the car.

Toyota GR 86 – on sale soon

Mass production of the Toyota GR 86 will start in March, and the vehicle will appear in showrooms in June. 4.5 thousand jobs are planned for the European Union market. copies of this model.

The Toyota GR 86 will be in production until March 2024, and the last registrations will be possible in June 2024. After that time, new approval regulations related to exhaust emissions will prevent it. Prices in Poland – from approx. 170 thousand. PLN, and the richer version from approx. 180 thousand. zloty.

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