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Torres: the cessation of Teresa Cross has taken in thinking of the general good | to BE The Palms | Hour 14 Las Palmas


The president of the Canary islands, Angel Victor Torres, said Wednesday that the cessation of Teresa Cruz as a counselor of Health has been a decision “weighted and hard,” and has taken “thinking of the general good”.

“It has been a difficult decision,” said the president, who has stressed that Cross has done a good job “in the best possible way” and has seen his replacement, the minister of Public Administrations, Julio Perez, “is a person brave in the battle”

Torres, in an interview in RTVC, has stated that in a situation of exceptional and complex as that produced by the current pandemic of coronavirus, it requires “unity of action” and so was addressed in the meeting last Thursday the governing Council in which it was decided to unite the activities of the different departments around the pandemic.

He has also pointed out that the agreement of the Government was to take collegiate decisions and to recover people who had experience.

On the situation of the pandemic in the Canary islands, the president canario has been noted that we are in a difficult time, the days will come, very hard “but we will leave this”.

It welcomes the fact that citizens respond with responsibility to the confinement and the breach has requested more stringent measures because you risk to public health.

“Every day that passes there are who see it as one more day to hope,” said Torres, who has claimed that, according to experts, in three or four days you will be able to know when you can produce the peak of the infection.

Torres has stated that there is a contingency plan for the health is prepared in function of how to evolve the crisis, although it has been noted that the Canary islands is better than other regions, “but we can’t trust you.”

Tenerife is the island most affected and which require an action more decisive, said Torres.

The chief Executive canary has insisted that the worst of the Covid 19 is its ability to spread “and anyone can have it. That is the reason for reducing the contacts to at home.”

“We urgently need the rapid test to know which is the real level of living,” added Torres, who has recognized the work of the sanitation and the need that they are protected at the time that they regretted that the Canary islands is one of the autonomous communities with the highest level of hiv infections in this population.

The matter has been pointed out that have begun to get the equipment protection and have been reminded that the canarian Government has authorized an expenditure of five million euros in the purchase of sanitary material.

Torres has also referred to his request that they reduce the connections between the Canary islands and the mainland and between the islands themselves because the insulation will allow for a greater control of the virus.

With respect to the maintenance of certain economic activities, such as construction, the president’s canary has been pointed out that although he is in favor of reducing them to the maximum, there are that do live in the confinement with an economic activity minimal.

“This is the most serious situation we’ve ever lived, and when we get out of them will require exceptional measures” has been considered Towers to be asked about the economic impact of this health crisis.

In his opinion, can not spare public money to alleviate the economic harm that is going to suffer, and in addition has asserted that it will be that money which avoid to occur a “bankruptcy social”.

On tourism, Towers has said it will be difficult to meet the forecast of the hotel to open June 1, and has asserted that once the social emergency “nothing will be immediate.”

However, it has been argued that the canarian Government is promoting tourism ready to return “to be a reference after the crisis”.

Has announced that tomorrow the Council of Government will approve a bonus to the social rental properties and is committed to that all the support provided to reach families that need them.

On the year, Torres has said he is not finished and has been praised by teachers to continue with their work telematically.


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