“Top Media”: Medhat Shalabi mocks Zamalek’s goalkeeper, “Oh, my man, oh my head.”

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The Supreme Council for Media Regulation confirmed that the report on the follow-up and monitoring of the summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, the summit match was characterized by a festive atmosphere, sportsmanship and friendliness that reflected on the performance of the sports channels that followed the match, whether by broadcasting its events live or by commenting and analysis before and after the match. These channels:

First – Al-Ahly channel:

The analysis presented by Captain Ayman Shawky and his guests was characterized by Captain Helmy Tolan, Captain Mohamed Youssef, Captain Alaa Mayhoub and Captain Adel Mostafa
Neutrality, mutual respect and discussion in the match procedures. No violations were detected in accordance with the standards and codes followed and established to control the performance, sports commentary and analysis on matches.

Second – Zamalek Channel:

The analysis was characterized by neutrality and not uttering any words contrary to the established and established codes.

As for Ontime Sport, the analytical studio of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match was featured on the “on time sport” channel, presented by Captain Saif Zaher, and hosting and captain Ayman Younes, Emad Mutaib and Hazem Imam, with the professionalism of sports and the distance from football fanaticism .. Although after the end of the match there was a paragraph to analyze the arbitration performance Which included showing some errors, but without offending the referees, but clarifying and explaining the arbitration errors.

The following are the violations reported by the voice commentator for the match, Captain Medhat Shalaby:
Violation: Mockery and mockery about the fall of the Zamalek goalkeeper after the Zamalek team scored the third goal. We have strange Arab habits. The first when our division wins the goalkeeper says: Oh, my man, oh my head. It means that the second division goes down … a falling Arab movie from the black and white films.

In general, except for the comment on the match in the three channels subject to monitoring, the use of an inciting tone to fanaticism and disagreement, and was characterized by relative neutrality and objectivity, except for Captain Medhat Shalaby’s use of some inappropriate words.

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