Entertainment Too bad, but the wedding is canceled! Privalov rejected...

Too bad, but the wedding is canceled! Privalov rejected Baranovsky for the beauty of Sambur


Maxim, apparently, was afraid of responsibility for the children.

The Network has long been talking about a working “novel” by Yulia Baranovskaya and Maxim Privalov. Leading for a long time working together and give each other signs of attention. The strangest thing is that Privalov and Baranovskaya did not disclose their relationship, but several times Maxim hinted that his girlfriend works in the same field as him. Because of this, the conclusion was that Julia and her colleague have an affair.

Many times they even said that the matter is moving towards the wedding, but recent events show that the marriage is being canceled, which is a pity.

On the next air, Nastasya Samburskaya became the guest of the program. The actress talked about her personal life. Samburskaya shared that a guy had recently abandoned her. Baranovskaya and Privalov did not wait long, and rushed to console the girl. Apparently, Maxim liked Nastasya, and he continued to “look after her”.

Privalov euthanized the lonely Samburskaya, and did so in front of a large “army” of fans. It is possible that Maxim decided for himself that Nastasya would be the best candidate and made “emphasis” on her.

According to the comments that Samburskaya left on Privalov’s page, it is clear that the actress “fell” under the pressure of the “groom”. It seems that Maxim had to try pretty hard to get the attention of such a girl. It is even possible that Privalov rejected Baranovsky for the beauty of Sambur.

Of course, it is not known how events will develop further, but one thing is clear for sure is that Maxim can forever leave Julia for Nastasya. Privalov’s opinion was probably influenced by the fact that Baranovskaya had three children. So, as Maxim did not have such experience, he could be frightened off by the fact that his “darling” has children from a previous novel.

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