Tony Richard Samosir and Petrus Hariyanto, Fighters for the Rights of Dialysis Patients


Secretary General of the Indonesian Dialysis Patient Community (KPCDI), Petrus Hariyanto (left) and General Chairperson of the Indonesian Dialysis Patient Community (KPCDI), Tony Richard Samosir (right) explained about KPCDI’s work since 2015 until now, when met Compass at The CEO Building, South Jakarta, Wednesday (12/1/2022).

Like lightning in broad daylight, anyone would not be ready to hear the verdict of kidney failure. Tony Richard Samosir (38) and Petrus Hariyanto (52) tried not to linger for long. They even created a community that supports, educates, and advocates for dialysis patients in Jakarta to spread throughout Indonesia.

Eight years ago, Tony and Petrus met while undergoing dialysis at a hemodialysis clinic in South Jakarta. Tony has been used to the dialysis routine since 2009, while Petrus only dared to follow this procedure in 2013. Both of them suffer from kidney failure due to hypertension.

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