Tomasz Hajto told about the family tragedy for the first time. “Wife needed support” Soccer

Tomasz Hajto he often appears in the media, speaking on football topics. Recently, he criticized Piotr Zieliński in the program “Cafe Futbol”who left the training camp in Opalenica to accompany his wife in childbirth. It also hit the national team too performance in a friendly match with Russia (1: 1). – Once I had a similar problem in Germany and I needed two days off to go to my spouse who had surgery. The coach told me that I had to earn for it and he did not dismiss me – the player revealed. – We’re at work. The three-day release from the national team does not interest me. For me it is something incomprehensible – you are at work, we are getting ready for a big tournament. I was not fired in my career, and I asked for a time off. Someone will say in a minute that he was tired because he had been gone for three days. This coach taught me that there is work and there are duties – he added.

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Hajto explained himself from what he said about Zieliński. “It turned out that it is better to relate to my comment than to the actual problems of the representation”

Now in a conversation with the portal ““Hajto decided to come back to this statement and admitted that he had been misunderstood. – I was taught that a book must always be read with understanding, and it should also be understood with understanding. I only said that the length of Piotr Zieliński’s leave for the birth of his son was too long, no I criticized the fact of leaving. The arrival of a child in the world, regardless of the first, second or third – is a fantastic moment in everyone’s life. And everyone has the right to enjoy such a moment. Except that leaving the training camp from Friday evening to Wednesday morning is an exaggeration And it is not easy. We are dealing with a professional athlete who is preparing for a very important tournament. So 48 hours off would be fully justified, five days I cannot understand. But it turned out that it is better to refer to Tomek’s comment. Hajty than to the actual problems of our representation – said the former Polish representative.

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The former Polish representative talked about the backstage of the family tragedy. “There was even a threat to life”

Later in the interview, Hajto shared the tragedy that left its mark on him. – I was in a much worse, very unpleasant situation, but I never wanted to talk about it. I found it too intimate. Well, while I was playing for Duisburg, my wife had a miscarriage in her second pregnancy. In its third month, to be exact. She later had to undergo a major operation, there was even a threat to her life – said the former defense attorney the Polish national team.

Hajto then asked the then coach of Duisburg for two days off to cheer up his wife. – However, I heard from the trainer that someone has to earn for such a serious procedure. And that’s who I am. I took the answer to my chest and went to training. It was a terrible moment, we lost our child, my wife really needed some support – concluded Hajto.

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