News TMC. The first issue of the "Doc's Daily" focuses...

TMC. The first issue of the “Doc’s Daily” focuses on the senior citizens who enjoy


On the occasion of the first Doc Daily, aired in prime time, TMC has chosen to pay tribute to the elderly who embrace willingly the passing of time. The director, Emmanuel Le Ber went to the meeting of the third age sparkling.

When the old blooms, like a flower, some trample her violently away, disoriented by the illusion of eternal youth. Others, on the contrary, the pick with gloves of velvet, convinced that senior rhymes with golden age. A year in the old account well show that, contrary to the words of Chateaubriand, an old age is not a shipwreck.

Of papys and grandmothers, ages 73 to 85 years of age

During the twelve months, the journalist of the production company Bangumi, to whom we owe the talk show Daily has walked the roads of France to paint a picture of these papys and grandmothers, ages 73 to 85 years of age. “This documentary is comparable to a big party where everyone is dancing. We often think of the old people who slow us down. However, I have met people who argue and don’t let themselves get down “, entrust Emmanuel Le Ber.

In the course of its investigation, where humour is never far away, he met the very dynamic Jaja. This siren of the 80 year old, who likes tickling – topless – the ripples of the mediterranean sea, lives a daily life colorful. Between her friends, her fiancé and his left delicious, this woman enjoys life to the fullest.

“Love, death, sport, but also the sex “

Viewers will also have the knowledge of Lorenzo, an irreducible optimistic 73-year-old, who participates in a singing competition to offer a honeymoon trip with his wife. Without forgetting Christian, a fada swimming trying to grasp the computer as much as with a clumsiness endearing. “I have met teenagers that are animated by a light breeze. They are shipped without a filter on many themes : love, death, sport, but also the sex “, explains Emmanuel Le Ber, who, thanks to his journey, hexagonal, demonstrates, with supporting evidence, that the old are sometimes far more cool than young people.

The Doc Daily – A year in the old on Tuesday 23 June, at 21: 15 on TMC.



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