Tired Eyes and Progressive Myopia During a Pandemic, Check Out Doctor Siloam’s Explanation

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Being active in front of a device/smartphone for a certain period of time can cause the eye organs to become tired.

Even though it is not dangerous, if left unchecked, tired eyes can cause health problems even during the Covid 19 pandemic, which directly, both adults and children, will use gadgets both from laptops and smartphones more often.

Adults will use their eyes more often at work, and children also often use smartphones in their studies.

Referring to research studies in China, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have increased cases of Myopia or minus eye disorders even in children, namely during 2020 children aged 6-8 years were 3 times more prone to myopia than before the Covid-19 Pandemic period. 19 takes place.

In the case of myopia, Dr. dr. Ariesanti Tri Handayani, Sp M(K), from Siloam Hospitals Bali, said that myopia occurs because light that enters the eye falls in front of the retina of the eye.

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This is triggered by an increase in the length of the eyeball or the ability of the eye to focus light so that distant objects appear blurry.

“There is an impact on the eyes, which is divided into two, tired eyes or dry eyes caused by Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), and accommodation due to the long term caused by the progressive addition of refractive error (myopia), “said Dr. Ariesanti, through his education on the live Zoom application, in Bali, last Monday (27/12).

In the education, Ariesanti explained, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a complex problem in the eye and vision organs that is also related to the function of the eye in close activities related to computers.

Then how does CVS happen?

“The image on the computer screen has an indistinct boundary so that the eye will try to focus the image when looking at the computer screen. And the continuous effort to focus the image for a long period of time will cause fatigue in the eye muscles (accommodation), so that the eye muscles become tense and cause symptoms of eye strain or asthenopia so that CVS occurs,” explained dr. Ariesanti, who completed his ophthalmology education at Airlangga University, explained the process of CVS.

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As for the risk factors for CVS, refractive errors (minus, plus, cylinder) were not corrected.

“Including the presence of diseases in the body such as Diabetes Mellitus, allergies, autoimmune, and others. As for the use of drugs that trigger dry eye disease such as anti-glaucoma drugs, hypertension drugs, and anti-depressants, both advanced age also affects eye disease and systematic,” he added.

Then why can CVS symptoms arise?

Symptoms caused in the eyes due to concentration in front of the computer so that the reflection of blinking decreases up to 6-8 times per minute and results in lowering the quality of tears.

This is called the symptom of dry eye disease, while the symptom of eye fatigue is due to the effort to focus the image while staring at the computer for a long period of time, causing the ciliary muscle to contract.

Symptoms in the muscles / spine are also caused by the wrong way of sitting repeatedly such as bending over, or not being upright, and bending the neck which bends so that blood flow is less smooth.

As a result of the above, you will experience CVS complaints such as blurred vision when looking up close, blurry when looking at a distance after using a computer, and difficulty focusing images from one distance to a different distance.

Meanwhile, complaints related to dry eye disease are irritation/feeling hot like burning, dry eyes, tension, headaches and eye fatigue.

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“Therefore, in order to prevent CVS, there should be several things that must be considered, namely checking the condition of the eyes before using the computer, making sure there is sufficient lighting with an ergonomic sitting position, minimizing glare and adjusting brightness and contrast.

The ideal distance for the eye in using a smartphone is about 1 inch, and for a computer about 2 inches, and 10 inches for a television or approximately 3 meters. Then get into the habit of looking at a distance of about 20 feet for 20 seconds after seeing a maximum distance of up to 20 minutes,” explained Dr. Ariesanti.

How to deal with CVS complaints?

To overcome this complaint, correction of refractive errors (minus, plus, cylinder). Avoid wearing contact lenses when working long hours at the computer. Use tear drops regularly. Take supplements such as omega-3, vitamin D, and antioxidants.

Use analgesics or anti-inflammatory for neck / shoulder / spine muscle disorders. Consult an orthopedist, or neurologist, and physiotherapist, if there are abnormalities in posture.

Due to the long-term effect of computer use, there will be an increase in the number of sufferers of myopia pandemic and an increase in the size of myopia progression. If this continues, it will cause lazy eye, crossed eyes, glaucoma, retinal detachment, namely the detachment of the retinal layer, and pathological myopia.

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The thing that must be done to avoid the progression of myopia is to reduce close activities as often as possible, increase outdoor activities, check children’s eyes before school age if parents wear glasses. As well as regular eyeglass control every 6 months or a maximum of once a year.

At the end of the education session, Dr. Ariesanti concluded that long-term computer use can affect eye health, including the progression of myopia. Regular check-ups are highly recommended to monitor the progression of myopia.


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