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Tips for getting rid of a persistent cough during the winter


Many people may suffer from a persistent cough despite taking medications that help calm the cough. The cough may be caused by some diseases, including the common cold. And influenzaAnd, coughing may be due to exposure to chemicals and inhalation of polluted air, according to a site medicalnewstoday There are many tips that help reduce a persistent cough, including:

Tips for getting rid of a persistent cough

1: Eating tea with honey helps promote the health of the immune system and the treatment of chronic cough, by placing two tablespoons of white honey on the cup of warm tea.

2: Ginger is a beverage rich in properties and vitamins that works to fight infections and reduce nausea, pain and persistent cough, by eating a cup of ginger three times a day.

3: Using salt water gargling, it helps reduce coughs, treat sore throats, and reduce mucus and inflammation, at least twice a day.

4: Increase your intake of natural fluids, including mint, star anise, and chamomile, as they contain a high amount of nutrients and vitamins that reduce pain and help treat coughs and sneezes and fight infections and viruses.

5: Some research and studies have proven that eating chicken soup helps to treat influenza and a persistent cough, given the nutrients and vitamins it contains that are important for fighting viruses and germs.

There are some factors that increase the incidence of cough, including (respiratory, digestive, and nervous system diseases), and cough is accompanied by some symptoms, including:

1: severe stomach pain in the event that the cough is caused by a problem with the digestive system.

2: Weight loss with inability to eat.

3: fever and high fever.

4: Shortness of breath and severe difficulty in swallowing, in case of sore throat and colds.

5: runny nose and sneezing.



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